Meet the Founder!!!


Born in Homestead,FL, daughter of Donald & Beinda williams; Donika Williams was destined to make a monumental

impact on this world as we know it! She excelled in elementary school, making it in the papers being recognized for her

“artsy talent” in the 2nd grade! From there, Donika went onto middle school, making “student of the month” every single

month in her 6th grade year. Then in high school she “locked down”and put her focus on her future. She also was

nominated the “all around art student of the year” in her final, 12th grade year in high school;

graduating with a staggering GPA of 3.51. After her “golden years”, as she so lite- heartedly placed it, Donika enrolled

in college at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, pursing her associates in her field of study, of interior design.

Now the years have passed and Donika is more vibrant than ever! She has many goals and aspirations that she want to pursue,

but non of them she would like to take action on more that to actually give back to the homeless and to the communities around her.

That is when she felt it that God has laid it on her heart that it was time to take that action! She started planning for her first

event around late august. The event took placed on the evening of Oct, 6 2013, a Sunday, it was a success!

Donika felt that this was her calling a her way that she could “give back”.